I saw this light on the Moon.

It seems that while I’ve scrolled frame by frame the video made with video camera mounted on the telescope, I saw this light on the Moon. I first thought it’s not real when I saw the video at normal speed, but when I looked again, here it is: bright and playful, impossible to deny it’s there.

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April 25, 2013 lunar eclipse

In case you missed this:

On the evening of April 25, 2013, I prepared my 8 ” telescope, and installed on the balcony at 21:00. It was a very beautiful and serene night, so I think I was very lucky as the weather was favorable for observations with, or without a telescope.

Astronomical images by telescope. Plinius crater on the Moon

The Moon is much less geologically active than Earth. Unlike Earth’s crust, whose multiple tectonic plates overlaps and collides and gave rise to mountain areas or destroyed bottom seas, the Moon’s crust is a rigid single plate. A series of Moon features results from the deformation of the crust, which include compression (shortening) and tension (extension). Tectonic features are well illustrated around Humorum and Serenitatis basins.

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