My telescope: C8-N (CELESTRON 8" NEWTONIAN)

C8N telescope I bought in 2008 in Cluj.
    This telescope Celestron 8 „is a reflector telescope with a focal ratio high and rapid.Is an excellent scope for observing the solar system and performs well deepsky observations.Acest With the focal ratio f / 5 keeps moderate reasonably the light pollution. As with any telescope, Celestron C8N transportation in a region with a dark sky will significantly improve its performance of observations.

203mmdiameter, parabolic
Newtonian reflector optical design
Focal Length1000mm
Report focalf / 4.92
Theoretical maximum480X Magnification
Magnitude top-14 star
Resolution (arcsec.) 0.58
Size 55.88 mmside mirror
Secondary mirror obstruction 8%
Secondary mirror obstruction 27.5%
9X50searching telescope
CG5 mount (EQ5)
equatorial motion control
Support for accessories-yes
TripodSteel 2
2 „Adapter 1.25
Eyepiece25mm Omni Plossl
93.98 cm tubesize
Weight30.39 kg