The Descent of MSL Curiosity was Captured by HiRISE

The Descent of MSL (Curiosity) Captured by HiRISE
This picture give me a warm fuzzy feeling up and down my leg.
MRO’s HiRISE camera , like an eye in the sky, caught this shot of the parachute and MSL during landing at Mars.
And that is from 340 kilometers of MRO’s altitude almost directly overhead Curiosity’s flight path.

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Amazing picture Curiosity landing caught by MRO’s HiRISE


Curiosity rover, will enter the Martian atmosphere

Any wrong move, like in any such mission, is crucial for the rover, which might arrive whole or in pieces on the planet. MSL’s heat shield, is the most powerful ever built to withstand high temperatures. It is used to enter the MSL in the planet’s atmosphere, to protect the rover from friction with the atmosphere, because will be achieved temperatures of 1600 degrees.

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