Ancient Astronaut theory


You may have seen a documentary called Chariots of Gods, produced by Erich von Däniken in 70’s.This man developed a new variant of explanation of relics, monuments, inscriptions or ancient landforms dating back thousands of years before the era we live in . We know too little about ancient astronaut theory, in which Daniken believes strongly and rightly as it poses serious arguments.
    Me, like many others, believe that we are not belong this planet,.We come from somewhere else, or we were created by beings from another part by combining their DNA with something (perhaps monkeys) on this planet, which would signify the discovery of the missing link (perhaps you‘ve heard this phrase) in the scale of human evolution.
    Genesis, Adam and Eve, Moses, Jesus, all have an explanation in the ancient astronaut theory.
How to translate this theory? I think it means two things: First thing: human beings have visited Earth from elsewhere in the past (and still visits us or may have stayed here), thousands of years ago, and created man on Earth. The second thing: all religions on this planet are because of contacts between people and visitors from other locations other than on Earth at different times, and people who had contact were inspired to write the holy books, which were the purpose of the visitors for people to evolve.Others supposedly came to exploit the riches of the planet (eg the Nazca lines).