I am passionate about astronomy since childhood and I chose to bring here the pleasure of looking at the sky. These astro-video-photography blogs will help you understand and to like more the astronomy and everything that it means.

Also, Lupu Victor Astronomy on blogspot, was designed for low budget amateurs and beginners, with articles, photo galleries and videos, realistic views of what you can see with telescopes with different eyepieces, for those who do not yet have a telescope, about basic astronomy and links.
I wrote some tutorials in astrophotography in my way, about models of telescopes and amateur astronomy projects for beginners or those who have a modest equipment, information on the basics and what to see.


Blog de astrofotografie ( astronomie ) a Lunii in principal si a altor corpuri ceresti cu telescop celestron de 8 inch cu postari zilnice de articole in acest domeniu.Blogurile mele de astrofotografie sunt ASTROFOTOGRAFIA si Lupu Victor Astronomy in care sunt postari zilnice.

Daily posts with Telescope images through celestron 8″ telescope made with Nikon D80 and HDR camera Sony CX105 .Some images are processed with programs like registax or other programs for making mosaics


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