consciousness and God

People are too materialists today and they lost their touch with the nature.and that to me is sad.we think that what is real,material matters more then our feelings.they think:if i see it than its more important than what i dont see.but what they dont see makes their reality.without things like love, hate compassion,soul,God (things that they think are real,but they cant see or touch),they wouldn’ve be even exist…SAD.

Quantum physics fascinates me.i belive that i finaly resolved the big mistery: God. I learned that He is not an old man with white beard who judge us,but He’s a state of being,and that He is us,because we are divine and the christians don’t teach us that. We must know how impostant we are and how powerful we are and that the power is the thought.We are eternal beings. I learned something else: that people are not bad.because positive and negative wouldn’t had even exist without being quantum physics our thoughts change matter,and creates’s matter builded upon itself.we create even if we want or don’t want to,so why not create something positive?