Humans. A great enigma.

How would you feel if you were in space, without being bound by anything, just floating in the vast void of the cosmos, if you would have protective suits with oxygen tube on you? You’d be so terrified, and you’d be afraid for your life. You will want to step on something, to go, to touch something. – See more at: Humans. A great enigma.

Bartholomaeus Pitiscus and Pitiscus crater

Pitiscus (82 km.) is a crater which lies south-west of the crater Hommel. His form is roughly circular. Inside walls are still terraces, although they are rounded due to erosion.   The name is from Bartholomaeus Pitiscus (also Barthelemy, Ba…rtholomeo, 24.08.1561-02.07.1613) which was a trigonometrist, astronomer and teolog.He invented the first trigonometry.   Read more:
description location vlacq rosenberger craters 31122012 a 952fr 82su gauss a

Cateva cratere lunare de sud

In aceste imagini observam cateva cratere lunare de sud, aproape de terminal (granita dintre lumina si intuneric). Cel mai splendid mi se pare craterul Tycho (85 km), care apare ca un cerc negru perfect, datorita intunericului in care este scufundat. Nu am mai vazut … Read more:


description location sasserides 29042012 luna

Vlacq si Hommel cratere lunare

Vlacq (89 km.), este situat în partea de sud-est a Lunii. Acest crater este adiacent la marginea de sud-est cu Hommel (125 km.), şi la nord cu Rosenberger (96 km.). Vlacq este mult mai conturat decat vecinul sau Rosenberger cu o adancime de 3 km,celalalt avand o adancime mai mica, de 2,2 km.

description location vlacq rosenberger craters 31122012 a 952fr 82su gauss a

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Estul Lunii, intre doua bazine: Mare Fecunditatis si Mare Nectaris

description location magelhaens colombo 03092012 luna t 114fr 90su gauss

Diversitatea reliefului acestei zone, face acest peisaj unul minunat. Regiunea prezentata in aceste fotografii prelucrate in Registax, este localizata pe estul Lunii, intre doua bazine: Mare Fecunditatis si Mare Nectaris .Lupu Victor Astronomy

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I saw this light on the Moon.

It seems that while I’ve scrolled frame by frame the video made with video camera mounted on the telescope, I saw this light on the Moon. I first thought it’s not real when I saw the video at normal speed, but when I looked again, here it is: bright and playful, impossible to deny it’s there.

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